Moore Hungary

Moore Global has four independent offices in Hungary. All working in close co-operation, employing a professional workforce of 50. Currently we provide services for about 300 Clients. Moore HeziComp Kft. was established in Budapest in September 1995 by two private entities. The founders are Hungarian registered auditors with 16 years accounting experience. The office employs Hungarian accountants and is further supported by the resources of Moore Vienna and Moore Global. As a member of the Hungarian Chamber Association we provide accounting and advisory services. The majority of our Clients are mostly Hungarian registered companies with international founders. Services we offer require 2 essential demands: conducting the audit in accordance with the National Audit Standards and in reference to applicable law and regulations in Hungary, providing continuous and updated information to the owners. Moore HeziComp Kft. provides a broad spectrum of professional services including: preparation of statutory audit reports, preparation of audit reports according to IFRS or GAAP standards, preparation of special reports to the management on a monthly or quarterly basis using the Client's reporting format, preparation of any other financial and accounting reports which are requested by our Clients (limited reviews), tax services, advise our Clients on the fields of accounting, internal control, management information systems, due diligence corporate finance advisory services We know that Moore HeziComp Kft. is in an excellent position to make a major contribution to the development of the Hungarian economy by delivering Client services of the highest quality, in close co-operation with the many professional accountants working and practising in Hungary.